P+D is an approved FSC ® chain of custody certified supplier and an ISO 9001 certified company.  


Certified FSC ®

Chain Of Custody Certified Supplier  

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Here at P+D we understand the need to be part of the solution when it comes to responsibility and sustainability around environmental issues.  This is why P+D has gained FSC Chain of Custody Certification. 


Having FSC® Chain of Custody Certification allows us to produce and sell on FSC® Certified Product using materials from well-managed forests and or verified and recycled sources giving our customers the assurance that their products have been produced using responsibly sourced paper and board and is therefore of vital importance to the world's forests.  Forest management not only prevents deforestations and illegal logging, but it also ensures protection for animals and vegetations. 


FSC® Certification tracks forest products from the forest through each stage of processing, conversion, distribution, and printing.  In order for the final product to carry an FSC® label of FSC Claim, every stage must be covered by FSC® Certification. 


FSC Chain of Custody Certification allows us to identify FSC Certified products though the use of the FSC Trademark logo which raised the importance of responsible forest management.

Contact our team, to discuss how your business can benefit by choosing to work with P+D and FSC ® certified printer and take a positive step in creating a better environment. 










P+D an ISO 9001 certified company 



Here at P+D we strive for excellence, both internally within operations and procedures and externally with our customers offering excellent service and premium quality products.  As a certified  ISO 9001 company, it is really important to us that our quality systems are of a standard that ensures better efficiencies and gives our customers the assurance of a quality driven company.  

With regular ISO reviews and continuous advancements of processes P+D continually keep quality and service at the forefront of our business.  

As an ISO 9001 certified company P+D strive for:



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