Verve, The Live Agency.   Established in 1991 our client Verve, The Live Agency is the largest independently owned Irish Event and Brand Activation Agency. They work with 5 of the top 10 global brands and employee over 70 fulltime staff. 


P+D were approached by Verve on behalf of their client Heinz to help promote the Amoy range of products in celebration of the Chinese New Year.  The task was to create an imaginative instore piece that would 


Our structural team began with evaluating the products, the brand conceptualisation and the specific function of the unit taking into consideration what the overall marketing objective was. 

 As part of our structural process we created and tested and sampled various materials to ensure that our concept proposal would structurally fit the needs of the customer.  We used a combination of diverse materials to reflect the fundamental needs of the display such as EB & FB corrugated board and PVC.  During the creative design process, we stepped out some critical elements of the unit such as the Amoy logo and keywording.  Another attention focus was the Dragon situated on top of the unit to widen the scope of the display instore also by adding lighting in the translucent Chinese lanterns it formed attention to the unit. 

The overall unit was a high impact showpiece designed around the concept of a traditional Chinese Market Stall. The creative element referenced the brand's heritage and helped the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Classic pieces such as the ridged corrugated roof and lanterns that flashed using LED lights to give the effect of a flickering candle were the final touches that ultimately brought the display to life. Pure black gold and red branding created a traditional but on a brand look that matched in with the product packaging. 





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