Bank Of Ireland

Dry Whiteboard

The Group Website team at Bank of Ireland build websites and e-commerce solutions for the Bank.  As a digital team, working with multiple parties across the organisation, they needed several working walls to sketch development plans and illustrate online user journeys.  They also needed a working ‘whiteboard wall’ to map out ‘Agile Development’ activity.

The GWS team originally explored conventional whiteboard ‘paint’ options but found a number of issues with paint-based solutions:

Given the constraints outlined above P+D were approached by Bank of Ireland to explore alternatives to meet their needs. 

Mark Kelly, Head of Online at Bank of Ireland, explains the key factors that made them choose P+D.

“To be honest, we knew within 10 minutes of meeting the account manager from P+D that the vinyl wall solution would work much better for us.  Cost, Time, and the ability to customize our own design onto the wall were the big selling factors – the whole exercise seemed simpler going with this method.”  He explained the options, measured up the areas and had a cost to us within 2 days. Our designer provided the ‘graphics’ we wanted on the walls – and they were installed within the week…all very straightforward.

P+D also presented the concept of creating a wall space area with ‘different material subtracts’ for various sections.  Dry wipeable whiteboard areas for active meetings, with various key sections on magnetic vinyl to allow for ‘affixed’ pieces to be posted and removed accordingly.  Bank of Ireland embraced the concept and we worked together to create their tailored wall graphics.

At the time of writing the new walls have been in place for over a month and the team are delighted with the real-life usage of the product. “It’s worked exactly as we expected.  The guy arrived one day and had walls installed in less than 2 hours, and we haven’t looked back since. We use the walls for multiple different team activities, from basic journey mapping, posting up draft website designs, to more formal ‘Agile Sprint Planning’ with the development teams. It’s been perfect so far"

Mark Kelly, Head of Online at Bank of Ireland


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