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Banners are used in a variety of formats, materials, and sizes to promote, raise brand awareness, create interest or highlight key messages. They are the most cost efficient and flexible forms of advertising for exhibitions and events. Banners can be produced in a variety of sizes and material formats, and are easily transported which makes them an essential part of any event/exhibition or promotion.

So, what do you need to consider when it comes to your banners before your event?

Data stats 23THE SIZE

Your exhibition area will determine the size of your banner. However, if you’re looking to create particular interest or highlighting key areas bigger is better. P+D can work off standard sizes for banners such as pop-ups, and pull ups but we can also produce bespoke sizes whatever the size!

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It is important to consider the positioning of your banner where it will be situated and how it will be mounted. Will it be a stand-alone piece, for example, a displayed pull-up banner ? or will it be hung from a height. The chosen material type will also be dependent on its general usage materials used for indoor events tend to differ from outdoor events to allow for better longevity against weather elements and general wear and tear. All these decisions can be daunting, but we have a dedicated project manager here in P+D who can guide you and help you decide what style and format suit your exact needs.

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We design for print, and our creative team is more than capable of creating a design that will maximize effectiveness. It is key that the quality of print and design emulates the quality of your products and services. Our team can make sure your design is consistent with your brand and follows the same theme as all your other marketing and advertising material such as fonts, colours and brand guides.

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You have approximately 7 seconds to grab someone's attention. So your banner needs to be easy to read, create interest and have a call to action. Keeping this in mind, you need to use fonts that are easy to understand, correctly sized for the message, and readable from a distance.


Data stats 21COLOUR

Colours are a powerful tool that can attract attention. Choosing the right colours to complement your brand or event will create impact.
Blues and greens are usually calming colours so they may not be viable to attract instant attention. Orange and yellows are vibrant, powerful colours and red is a real attention grabber. Grey, black and silver tend to symbolise sophistication.

It’s important however that you don’t overuse your colours as that can dilute the message. Contrasting colours with backgrounds can enhance the banner and give a great effect.

With these key considerations on board, you'll be ready to start your project with a little more ease and assurance from P+D !









Infographic Outdoor Design Tips
Infographic Outdoor Design Tips
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"We didn’t want a powerpoint presentation so we gave the ask to our print company P+D as to what we could do!
We turned this around in a matter of days, kitted to the exact size of the room we were presenting in. Visually, it was so impactful. The room embodied everything about the brand, ballsy, gutsy, different, dark moody and inspired by Americana.
We were so impressed with the finished result and would recommend p+d for any creative asks in the future."
- Hilary Hughes - Brand Manager, The Kerry Group